Hands Of Old

This lady of the Basque, Andramari, came out of left field for me this week. I wrote the poem decades ago and she decided she wanted to be painted five days ago.  

 'Andramari' (4'x3'2) 

'Andramari' (4'x3'2) 

She encompasses Justice, Water, Sorcery, and Divination, and punishes liars and thieves. 


•Hands of Old•

Remember all the ones you carry

that one for kindness, another for learning

one for caring, for giving, for feeding

for thanking

for burning.

All those hands you have worn in other times and places.

All those hands you will wear in other times and places.

Dare on,

for you never walk alone.


From Joshua Tree, with Loving Thorns

Made some cards to send to some people. Drawing more upon request.

• Stay Wild •   • Stay Prickly •   • Stay Away •

 With love from Joshua Tree, CA by Mohave Bones

With love from Joshua Tree, CA by Mohave Bones


All are hand drawn originals, inside left blank. Set of 3 plus 3 black envelopes. $15 because I'm in a jolly mood.

(+ shipping and all that cal.)

Illustrated Poem for LUNA ARCANA Magazine

A new publication for this old Californian Desert.  

 Photo by Editor-in-Chief Rohini Walker

Photo by Editor-in-Chief Rohini Walker



Naked skin across the dunes and all you can see are the snakes waiting, your eyes wide open still cannot reach that far behind the rocks. 

Prickle heat crawling up your legs. 

Cannot move

Will not move

The straw hats have long ago shredded your thoughts, still attached. 

Lay there imagining waters so blue and shiny, to drown the crickets. But they get louder and the magic refuses to happen. 

'Where to?'  I hear

'Stand still... Take me where I can stand still".  


Earth Moon Earth

Pleasure directing a music video for these guys, filmed at Gatos Trail recording studio in a beautiful August evening in Joshua Tree, CA.

Catch them supporting SKYE | ROSS from Morcheeba on the California dates of their West Coast Tour:

Sept 2 - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom
Sept 3 - Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up
Sept 4 - Los Angeles, CA - The ROXY Theatre

More music at Earth Moon Earth

More Music Videos at Mohave Blue Films

9 year old Bon

Once upon a time, a 9 year old Bon was bullied into a two week coma. Afterwards, while my facial bones healed, I painted to kill the hours. My mom stopped me from finishing the black layers* on these because I was going to mess up the hospital bed and they ended up in the trash can unfinished. 


Little I knew my cousin sneaked the little paintings out of there (then forgot all about them). Skip forward 30 years to a month ago. They were clearing up space in the attic, came across them and my uncle thought it would be a great idea to mail these to me to commemorate 30 years since my face crash. 


They do smell weird and they are making me cringe a little, but thank you crazy diamonds family of mine, you saved me then and you save me now. Also, thank you 9 year old Bon for waking up, what a ride has been so far, you little hard nut. 


(*I have now filled in the block black layers as originally intended)