Today is Bonday.

On Bondays I try my best to slack off from actually doing any work. As a high five to myself for all the 8 am meetings I had to endure throughout my twenties. 

I am watching Eraserhead (not a first), amazed at the quality of work happening while I had not even learned to suck my thumb... Lots of catching up to do.

Black and white movies are pretty much the ones I enjoy watcing the most, it is not because they are vintage, or have a nostalgia to them, less over produced, analog sound or more compelling stories, it is because my colourful add ons travel through a black and white field of images without feeling invasive. When there is too much colour around me I feel crowded. Black and white rooms, films and book pages are the perfect background for a sound attack. 

It's 46C/115F outside and I am not brave enough to walk across my patio to open my studio, so here is to me and Mr. Lynch. Love him or hate him, Eraserhead is one in a million, disturbing in so many levels that it would destroy any future perfect nightmares one may have but in some way, so spiritual. Hands down fascinating and gross in equal meassures.