Drawing Class

On Fridays I volunteer "teaching" drawing & illustration to 14 year olds for a couple of hours. Today they were discussing how much can one take inspiration from other artists whom they like, bearing in mind they are trying to develop styles of their own. I thought we should put it to the test and challenged them (and myself) to allow ourselves to blatantly copy (albeit from memory) any of our favourite artists.

The idea behind it was to use our memory to tell us what sticks out for us, what is that makes us notice these other our favourite artists' work as it would be an indicator towards our own.

The only rule was to mix at least 3 - as disparate or as similarly  styled. There was a lot of Frida, Gayman, Alex Ross, Tim Burton, Ana Juan, Manga galore and even Stanley Mouse mixed with what (only) I saw as Sir Tenniel.

Just when I think that teenagers are not interested on anything I say, they prove their brilliance.

They also refuse to be on pictures holding their work (but they quickly 'selfied up' with it!) so I am afraid I only have my own drawing to show.

All hail Stella Im Hultberg, Mira Fujita and Gustav Klimt. An easy mix of styles, but I just wanted the class to be familiar with their works!

Drawing class. Inspired by Hultberg/Fujita/Klimt