Sunday Bonday

Yesterday (Sunday) I committed to a little experiment. Every hr on the hour I paused and found the beauty of a point of view and either created the image or snapped the vignette - quick edit if any, the main goal being grateful and Making-Your-Own-Sunday estate of mind. 

I used Instagram to track the hours easier.



  Instagram @Mohave_Blue

Instagram @Mohave_Blue

 Here is what I learned: 

- I am grateful for a lot of random, small things. 

- It matters not that it was a Sunday, all of my days are spent pretty much the same way. 

- It was harder to keep to a schedule than to freely snap a picture every time something caught my eye.  

- California light is a different ball game every hour. The more beautiful the light, the harder to capture. 

- I relished that no 'selfies' were involved unless a mirror or a window reflection were part of the picture.

- My life really is not that interesting: I woke up at my studio desk, played with my dog, worked on some poetry, edited a couple pictures for a songwriter's singles covers, watered the plants, quick game of pool and a Saloon drink with friends and got back to my studio to finish a pending painting for my lounge. 

No wonder reality TV has to be so dramatized.